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Three little words (en)

We made it.

We made it through 2016.

I want to remember the laughter, the improvement, the friends, the fun, the travels, the sunrises, the colors, the concerts, the frost, the movies, the dives, the plankton...

I want to remember the best and get ready for even more! A new year. Shining. Sparkling. Performing. Enjoying. Relaxing. Improving. Contemplating. Thrilling. Or whatever it'll bring.

Aaaaaand it is already starting well. It is starting very well, as, after I mentioned in my previous post my recent engagement into photo contests, for the first time in my life, I have been published. Published !

It is only a small picture. It's a little rectangle there, page 104 of PHOTO, with a lot of blue. A sea. A man running. One stunning morning. One last morning. Last before departure. An early morning of subtle quietness, of soft colors and beating heart.

It's a small rectangle, but hey, it's my name underneath it, my own name, justifying my creation, my own vision, my own way to see the world, my own way to show it. My talent perhaps ?

I made it! For the first time, I made it. I participated to the PHOTO amateur contest of the year, and out of 50,000 contesting pictures, one of mine was selected to be published alongside with 399 others. 400 out of 50,000.

I. Made. It.

It is there and I can't believe my eyes for it, but it carries my name, my mum name, my dad name, and it implies the qualities they passed on to me : optimism and passion.

It carries, in just three words, the entity of Noémie as the heritage of a Bourdin entity and the heritage of a Habert one. It carries the mix of the two individuals, that once, out of love, created me and conveyed the best of themselves to me.

Three little magic words under a published photo of mine. My full name. Three little words that made me absolutely euphoric. Three little words that I owe to love, to passion, to happiness, to curiosity, to nature, and to two parents who've showed me their way, their light. Who have helped me find my own way, my own light. Three little words that dictate me to keep going. To keep contemplating. To keep being amazed, surprised, happy, to keep sharing, improving, being touched, to keep loving and above all, to keep being grateful.

Full publication info about - "Morning Soccer " :


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