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The Group, Day 1 : The way I see life

When my friend Agathe told me about her recent artistic project in Russia, I didn't get it at first. Exploring freedom, through rituals, as a group. Doing things together, but also by ourselves, that are unplanned, but within a defined structure.

Though, however obscure was the description at first, I decided I wanted to be part of it in a heartbeat. It was about living a shamanic experience, an improvised performance with other people I don't know, and engaging in "The Group". Sexy enough to convince me.

In the end, not only did I take part in the Day 1 of the The Group, but I also documented it in pictures. And that's when the magic happened. Each participant of The Group has a role. Mine was defined to be more introverted - it's hard to come with a reflex camera and be interacting with everyone a lot.

I think what I enjoyed with this experience, is that we all lived the same one, but all in different ways. And my way was to play with the lights, the shadows, the textures, the backlights, and the atmosphere they create.

It all looked really unique. The improvisation offered very authentic expressions and faces, while the structure of the experience offered a shaping light and a changing atmosphere.

During the Day 1, I realized something totally new to me. We cannot all see the same things. We have different background, different passions, but also, different angles of view. My small size makes me see things from lower than the average. I see things bigger than me. I get a sort of backlight in a many situations. And that is what probably made this reportage totally unique.


I believe it is the first time I see my photographs in this way : an illustration of the way I see life.

The Group, by Agathe Simon


A Group is a number of people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together.

" An illustration of the way

I see life "