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Apocalyptic skies over the Whitsundays

Lately I have been traveling. Five months so far.
No need to say I capture a lot of moments every day. And a lot of them are beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, modern buildings, or magnetic faces.

But the truth is, it is quite rare to find the perfect moment for the perfect thing, especially when you’re always on the road. If you stay around the same place a few days, it might be easy, but if you don’t, you just shoot what you get.

And that day, right in the Whitsundays in Australia, going to Whitehaven beach, I was really hoping for a bright sun. We’ve all seen beautiful pictures of this white sand-strip and this turquoise waters on Instagram and I have to say, I quite believed that was the only way to look at it.

I was a quite far from the reality.

When we arrived, the sun was shinning on Whitehaven beach and I thought the moment was perfect. But there were clouds, big white clouds, and they were threatening us. And just after a few minutes, the weather got colder, the wind started to blow… and we knew we had had only one chance to see it in the perfect conditions.

In spite of all my beliefs, this is when the perfect moment happened. The sky turned grey, dark grey. The sand started to fly. People got up to get dressed and leave… and it looked absolutely apocalyptic.

I love this dark, threatening and heavy atmosphere. It might be my favorite one. Because it’s rare, because it’s beautiful, because it’s also a little scary sometimes, and because I see something different in people’s look. Something magnetic. Frenetic.

When I left Whitehaven beach, I had spent around an hour shooting one of the weirdest weather I had seen. It really felt like the end of the world.

And yet, suddenly it started to rain like hell, as a sign of normality, and I got soaked and worried for my camera. But, wow, how much did I like this moment in between. This very moment between the sun and the rain. The calm before the storm. The moment when time seems to stop, just floating.

So now I'll know. I'll always hope for the sun. But if there isn't, I'll absolutely dance for the rain. And if I'm quite lucky, in between the two, the skies will darken and amaze me again.

An apocalypse is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. […]
It is also the Greek word for the last book of the New Testament entitled "Revelation”. […]
Today, the term is commonly used in reference to any larger-scale catastrophic event, or chain of detrimental events to humanity or nature. […]

" Hope for the sun,

dance for the rain "