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" Back-up your pics,

and enjoy every second

of the scene "

" Back up your pictures, and enjoy every second of the scene... "

I wasn't in that new apartment for very long, that spring, when we had thunderstorms and lightnings almost every day for a period of time.

I had 5-6 wonderful shots. Every day I was thinking to have a look at them, edit them, post them.

I posted one Facebook, just because it's a normal thing to do.

I didn't have any other copy of all these shots than the one of my computer. It's not ideal to have only one copy of your good shots, but it happened to me before, and it still happens today.

One morning I got to the office, and my laptop had disappeared overnight. Taken away by a professional office burglar. Together with the only one copy of my shots. Together with many other things, such as credit card copies, payslips etc.

But really the hardest was to lose two series of amazing shots: the thunders from my apartment, and my China Qinghai series. It is hard to describe how sad it feels to lose that, but it's equally hard to describe the joy of having seen all this through my eyes first, rather than through my lenses.

I am the kind of person who easily sees beautiful things around me. And since that happened, I try to capture the amazing view I have from my sofa, every now and then.

But above all, and more than ever, I try to enjoy every second of beauty with my own eyes, because shit happens, and you never know when. And sometimes, I back up my pictures, too.



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