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My name is Noémie Bourdin-Habert. I am French.

I grew up in France, near volcanoes. As a kid, I would build cabanas, pick-up berries, make up stories, and dream - a lot !

​At the age of 15, after an accident, I went from surgeries to rehab sessions for a while. So before 18, I had learned the wisdom of patience and contemplation.


After receiving an MA in Chinese Language in 2005, I moved to China and started a career in marketing for the renewable energy sector. I came back to France in 2009, and became a marketing expert in this field.

In 2016, I decided to work solo, so I went back to study and earned an MA in Brand

After two years of intensive travels throughout the world, I now work remotely out of the Pacific coast of Mexico, commissioned by worldwide companies or individuals with needs in branding, marketing, photography, or copywriting.

Traveling allowed me to get inspired by the world, capture moments, stories, people, and all in all document the current state of our planet – good and bad.

Let's work together !

​From art, environment, well-being or alternative energy industries, I've always evolved in challenging environments.

In Asia as in Europe, when I look back at my career path, I feel most grateful for what every opportunity taught me that I can use today.

At the moment, I am available throughout the world, for short, medium or longer-term missions. I serve international clients who have photography, copywriting, marketing, and branding needs.

The Bonus : Being working on the road optimizes my flexibility and creativity !

Get in touch here for further information !

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Recent Projects

I believe the greatest partnerships are the result of a particular feeling between people and people's work.


I met Charlotte over a Yoga Training - she was an awesome teacher. We kept in touch, and the day she launched her own well-being coaching company, I was happy to be her photographer.

Together we defined the scope of what she needed, technically, graphically and in terms of atmosphere.

The Group is an international art company, open to all. Following a decade of art projects around the world, Agathe Simon founded this collective adventure in Paris in 2017. The Group currently includes 100 persons, aged 9 to 82, from 26 countries, every walk of life and a wide range of professional backgrounds.

I have been a photographer for The Group since its creation. It is a chance to be documenting the events organized by The Group as they are not conventional. They are not social, but they are not always staged either. They are experiences where I have no idea beforehand what will be the conditions and the events.


It is a unique opportunity to always put myself outside my comfort zone and react artistically to any situation.

LavyzOë was created in 2014 by Hayat in echo to a travel she did back in her birth country, Morocco.

The brand creates and commercializes cosmetics that are not only natural, but organic and precious. Indeed, too many of our cosmetics use chemicals and rather useless components.

LavyzOë's products' ingredients are always pure, as few as needed, and harvested ethically.

I was commissioned by LavyzOë for photo-shooting, both pack-shot and studio shooting, for art direction, photo editing, as well as for the organization of events.

As a woman, it is always an honor to work for other women with a vision, with ethics, and with a sens of business at the same time.

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On-going Projects

State of The Planet

Working on the road for over a year now, this enables me to see the planet as it really is, good and bad.

What gave birth to this project is the enormous gap between what we're being shown by influencers or bloggers and the world as it really is.

This current project is still personal. It will document landscapes, people and situations around the globe, with a particular stress on environmental issues.

With this in mind though, I am available to document specific locations for clients.

Contact me here if you are interested in a particular story on environmental matters.

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Marketing & Branding

Marketing and Branding Director

I started off my career in 2005 in China where I got recruited by Trinasolar to spearhead all their corporate marketing activities.

Later in 2009, I was hired by Upsolar to open and run a global marketing department, with a target to propel this new Chinese company to the Tier One of the renewable energies sector.

My routine : Drafting and executing global marketing strategies, managing international teams of up to 10 and a budget of up to €5M, on 5 continents in order to position companies in their sector among the most popular ones.

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