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"The core of a company is its identity.

Marketing & branding exist to give it a personality"

For the last fifteen years, and thanks to a smart combination of a communication, language, art, and social consciousness backgrounds, I set-up entire marketing departments, designed and managed marketing, communication, branding strategies and multicultural teams for socially responsible companies, in Europe and Asia with frequent travels to subsidiary offices in California.

Strategic and operational at the same time, I know how to develop a brand strategy as well as how to execute it and quantify its results. Armed with a great capacity to overcome the stress of deadlines, it is in a challenging and multicultural environment that my skills and experience are at their best use.

My curious and self-taught personality made me develop a strong experience in all the major fields of Marketing and Branding activities: brand and image management; advertising;  communication; social media; PR; graphic design; event management; strategy; reporting; and CSER.

My unconventional profile, alongside with a strong flexibility and an intuitive creativity, is reinforced by 10 years of experience in Team Management. It makes me an ideal fit for a multicultural company looking for alternative solutions to face the social challenges of the 21st century.


Facts & Figures :

  • Int'l Marketing & Branding experience : over 15 years

  • Team managed : up to 12 persons

  • Yearly budget managed : up to €5M

  • Event budget managed : Up to €500K per event

  • Developed several international advertising campaigns

  • Created several social media campaigns

  • Developed and supervised the creation of numerous websites

  • Managed over 100 events

  • Wrote and co-wrote over 100 articles

  • Set-up several sponsorships in the fields of sports, environment, culture, etc.

  • Worked with over 10 different media agencies on 3 different continents

  • Set up 2 main brands, and several sub-brands of theirs

  • Worked out of : China, Japan, USA, France, Italy, UK, Germany, etc.

  • Graduated : Marketing & Branding / Mandarin Chinese

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