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Below are just a few examples of advertising campaigns that I developed overtime in cooperation with brilliant creative agencies.
They all respond to a particular context, as should any campaign, and they were all published alongside with articles, goodies, and specific communications.
Some went to print, others remained digital. But all of them reached one main goal : they created a buzz among prospects, partners and competitors.

Trinasolar's first advertising campaign was revolutionary. 

The rather old-fashioned solar energy industry had never seen anything that neither showed the actual manufacturing plant, nor the many logos of certifications.

The industry was used to good old photos showing products in their application and manufacture lines.

It was also modern for it was calling customers to look behind  a product, which figuratively meant all the strength existing behind it : its people, its reasons to exist, its raw materials, etc.

I developed this out-of-the-ordinary campaign with the great US-based agency PUREi, in 2009.

trinasolar advertising campaign

Upsolar was a late comer in the Solar Industry, so to catch-up with the big names of the sector, one of the strategies that I proposed was to create a surprise, or even a shock in the industry.

With its global campaign based on the negative aspects of the sun for companies which don't know how to protect their customers, the target was reached and 10 years later, people still talk about Upsolar, its sunscreen designs, goodies, and  its beach-kind declination of graphics.

It was developed in 2010, in cooperation with the excellent Paris-based creative agency Sidièse as well as another agency in Japan.

advertising banners for website-upsolar

Upsolar's first social media  campaign was unprecedented in the industry which seldom used Facebook. But Upsolar had the desire to grow an audience that was more than just prospects : end-users, solar advocates, or just people looking for answers about solar.

We based the entire campaign on a design contest, so that anyone could create an ad and relate to solar energy.

The campaign was created in 2012, together with the incredible German agency Makai and the ad itself designed by Nélia Pinheiro do Olival from Portugal.

The contest brought over 10,000 followers and a number of articles, among which one in PES Magazine.


advertising banners for website-socialme

One of Upsolar's recent social media campaign was based on a very particular topic.

While the EU and the USA were imposing new import taxes on made-in-China  solar photovoltaic products, and although, globally, 80% of them were manufactured in China, a lot of suppliers couldn't honor their orders anymore.

On the contrary, Upsolar, with its fab-less business model, managed to keep supplying its customers, and other's.

This particular campaign was developed in-house in 2015, with the cooperation of Upsolar's powerful California-based creative and PR agency, Antenna Group.

advertising banners for website-socialme
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